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Technology Search

Look up patents and their details based on technological terms

- Search language: Korean, English

- Best used with a keyword based on a single module / technical unit.
(E.g. Heating elements, Engines, Bicycles, Enzymes)

- For more complex technology, latest trending terms, or more natural words, try ‘Advanced Search’(E.g. Smart car, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain)

Code Search

Cooperative Classification Code (CPC CODE) Search

- CPC Codes are patent classification codes
(E.g. H04N, G06Q10 / 00, G06Q10 / 025)

Our Company

Biz-IP collects and analyzes patent data of all companies and various experts to provide insights on the best-suited technology management strategies. We do our best to offer information in (T)echnology, (E)nterprise, (C)redit, and (H)uman Resources to assist you in accelerating your innovation, growth, and development.

An Integrated Search through Companies on BIZ IP

Company Search

Search by globe-wide applicant companies.

1. IP megatrends (check each applicants' name and its application status by country)
2. Identify each crucial technology portfolio and patent status for each technology
3. Identify the patent portfolio of the dominant companies possessing Top 10 technologies

- Search languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian
※ BIZ IP provides all companies and applicants worldwide (17 countries) with the [representative name in English]

Company (Applicant) Search System

Easily check the patent application status of a company by year or country.

Detail Analysis

BIZ IP offers all company and applicant data (including their total number of patents) exclusively from at least 17 countries worldwide.

Featured Technology Portfolio

BIZ IP does a deep patent analysis that discovers the number of patents and the Top 10 technologies of the targeted company and builds a link connecting its patent classification code network.

Leading Company in Featured Technology

By analyzing the main technology of the target company, we provide a list of the Top 10 leading companies with identical or related technologies.
※ For further analysis, please contact our administrator

Analysis on Potential Technologies (PETA)


Provides the latest megatrend and insight in discovering promising technologies through the use of PETA (Patent big data based Emerging Technology Analysis & discovery)

Data Intelligence for Discovering Prospective Technologies

Using a calculated, refined patent data for each up-and-coming technology,
key statistics and player analysis reveals IP megatrends.

Tech Intelligence from Prospective Technology Analysis

Accelerate innovation by checking the detailed technical system of a technology system and review patents related to this system.

Market Intelligence by Means of Top Level or Key Player Analysis

Identify competitors and emerging players by analyzing top or recent key players.

R&D Intelligence of the Latest Prospective Technologies through Keyword Analysis

A Time series analysis based on core keywords by technology, leading to analyzing patents to grasp the latest research and development status.

Technology Management Strategy Intelligence using Growth Forecast and Competitiveness Analysis

Based on cultivated patent data, technology IP megatrends can be reviewed via principal statistics and player analysis.

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